Get in shape, get in line. Keep it moving. There’s nothing to it.
The practical side of our work is easy to convey in just a few simple words. We design solutions for lines and automatic machinery systems for bottling, packaging and automatic palletisation. We build line connection conveyor belts, with relative accessories, semi-automatic depalletisers and uncramblors. We commercialise new or overhauled used machinery, in our capacity as a partner for top companies in the food sector. This is simply “what” we do. Technology and flexibility are the prism through which the “how” is refracted: the thechnology of materials, raw materials, technical-functional solutions, flexibility and customisation of design based on each client’s specific product requirements.


We offer our customers the design and supply of complete “turnkey” lines as well as specific analysis, consultancy, single bottling machines and new and/or second-hand packing lines, belts for connecting machines, and bottling line accessories. Our lines work at a rate of between 1,000 and 12,000 bottles/h.

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